The Birth of a Legend

‘The Rider’ has been a Hollywood icon since the 1950s. Rebellious and rabble-rousing, a leather jacket was his only dress code. From Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin in ‘The Wild Ones’ to Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in ‘Easy Rider’, not forgetting Clint Eastwood, Mickey Rourke……

A true personal style ready to rediscover through the ‘Classic Legend Motors’ range of clothing dedicated to enthusiasts searching for timeless classic style matched with modern levels of security.

Jean-Pierre Dumay, leather in the soul

Jean-Pierre Dumay is a child of the fashion world. He started his career in the seventies, gravitating towards the purest of materials: leather. Mac Douglas, Avirex, Bombers, Norton…. they were him. The Segura 70 brand from the early 2000s…… that was also him. He transformed the highest quality hides into classic styles with a technical perfection that made his collections both modern and timeless. An enthusiast for fashion, speed and leather, what followed was only logical: an exploration of the two and four-wheel world.

“Classic Legend Motors is the beginning of a great adventure,” confided Jean-Pierre. “The first chapter pays homage to the world of the motorcyclist - to the legends who built the myth of ‘The Rider’; the sensuous, glamourous image of the bad boy/good guy. biker, cette image sensuelle et glamour de bad guy/good guy.

“I feel that current motorcycle jackets benefit from the security provided by modern homologation standards, but they lack style. My approach has been to use my experience in the fashion world to create a range for both men and women which combines the necessary safety and design elements of a classic leather jacket with modern styling and the timeless codes that identify the motorcycling community.

“Today it’s the rider, tomorrow Classic Legend Motors will dress the gentleman-driver,” he added. “Classic Legend Motors will appeal to all lovers of beautiful vehicles, from the biker to the rally driver and the pure collector, the owner of a Jaguar E-Type or an Alfa Romeo Giulietta.


is the ambassador of Classic Legend Motors